Editorial Philosophy


The founders of Writers House Press hold to the notion that meaning resides in us all. If that is so, then meaning must be one definition of that it means to be human. Further, expressions of meaning help us to understand what humans are up to these days. We fully recognize the unconscious desire for expression which is often considered unacceptable. For one reason or another many do not or cannot speak for themselves or for their community. Perhaps the chance as never been given to them, we do not know, but we hope to find out. To paraphrase an old teacher, this small press exists for people looking for a place from which to speak in the old way, as one person with something important to tell another.

We solicit all forms of artistic endeavor that can fit into the two-dimensional space of a periodical: poetry, fiction, novels, short-story collections, essay collections,  article collections, biographies, letters, diaries, art, photos, prints. We are eclectic in our needs as this most nearly reflects the pluralistic nature of human experience and expression.


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