About WHP


Writers House Press was co-founded in 1982 by a poet and student in the famed writer’s program at the University of Iowa, and by a novelist and Ph.D. graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop.

In the 1980s we published five poetry books, two children’s books, one book of essays, and one play. In addition, we published Beginning Magazine. a magazine open to anyone but specializing on beginning and unknown writers.

After 1988, the cost of paper tripled and essentially put us out of business. With the advent of electronic books, we have resurrected Writers House Press and are publishing again. We now publish both eBooks and trade paper and hardbound books (with the technology of on-demand printing).

POD is an acronym for Print On Demand. POD books are printed only as they are needed. A single copy may be ordered and printed one at a time. POD eliminates the need to print large number of books at one time, which can require the publisher to lay out in advance anywhere from $5000 – $30,000 before a single book is sold.

With this technology of Print on Demand we can publish any number of softcover and hardbound books with little upfront investment. Thus, Writers House Press was re-born.


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