Welcome to Writers House Press


Writers House Press is a small press founded in 1982 specializing in the publication of Print-on-Demand books and electronic books (e-books).


We are not a Vanity Press, so book projects must meet certain editorial and artistic standards. We are liberal with those standards, however, to allow new and inexperienced writers a chance to publish.

We publish both books and chapbooks (small books).

If you have a manuscript, we would be happy to consider it.

We accept and are looking for manuscripts in the following genres:

  •  Fiction
  •  Short-Story collections
  •  Novels
  •  Non-Fiction
  •  Essay collections
  •  Article collections
  •  Oral Histories (our specialty)
  • (letters found in attics, letters from soldiers, lovers, grandparents, etc. Or, fictional letters created by a talented writer)
  •  /Journals (real or fictional)

Listed in the International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses and the Directory of Poetry Publishers. Our “current in-print books” are listed in the The Small Press Record of Books in Print and on our Current Titles page. Our out-of-print listings are found in our Out-of-Print Titles page.    

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